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Many women find that warm water immersion during labor enhances relaxation and improves the birthing experience.  Whether a mama is interested in using water for support during labor, or in an actual water birth, Labor Tubs Northwest has 15 years of experience helping woman find the right tub options for their individual birth experience.

Labor Tubs Northwest delivers beautiful and sturdy AquaDoula birthing tubs to homes, hospitals, and birthing centers throughout the Greater Seattle area.  Specially designed for labor with the help of midwives and doulas from Seattle’s birth community, AquaDoula tubs are unique in their ability to comfortably accommodate 2 people and a variety of labor positions, while maintaining the water temperature in the tub.


Our comprehensive service includes on-call 24-hour delivery, set-up and phone support, as well as complete cleaning, disinfection, and removal of the tub following birth.  Our cleaning protocol has been approved by several hospitals, for the safety of mamas and babies.


Beyond our normal delivery service, we also offer a variety of rental options for women expecting a fast birth, having limited space, or living in outlying communities.

***Interested in doing the work yourself?
Check out our new DIY options!***

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