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Many women find that warm water immersion during labor enhances relaxation and improves the birthing experience. Whether a mama is interested in using water for support during labor, or in an actual water birth, Labor Tubs Northwest has 16 years of experience helping woman find the right tub options for their individual birth experience.

Labor Tubs Northwest delivers beautiful and sturdy AquaDoula birthing tubs to homes, hospitals, and birthing centers throughout the Greater Seattle area. Specially designed for labor with the help of midwives and doulas from Seattle’s birth community, AquaDoula tubs are unique in their ability to comfortably accommodate 2 people and a variety of labor positions, while maintaining the water temperature in the tub.

Beyond our normal delivery service, we also offer a variety of rental options for women who expect a fast birth, have limited space, or live in outlying communities.

Peace of Mind: no matter which rental option you choose

Full Service

$299 plus tax
  • LTN delivers, sets up, and begins filling tub during early labor.
  • Your support person continues filling the tub when hot water supply is ready.
  • All equipment provided, including appropriate plumbing adapter and suitable length hose.
  • If labor stalls, LTN drains the tub and leaves a fresh disposable liner.
  • After the birth, LTN drains, disinfects, packs, and removes the tub.

Full Service Rentals: standard delivery

Our comprehensive service includes on-call 24-hour delivery, set-up and phone support, as well as complete cleaning, disinfection, and removal of the tub following birth.  Our cleaning protocol has been approved by several hospitals, for the safety of mamas and babies.

For a home birth we usually we ask that you page us for the delivery before active labor starts. If you have a small hot water heater, rush-hour traffic is approaching, your water breaks, or your midwife sees last-minute signs that suggest a fast labor, then we can be flexible! Depending on the circumstances, we may even set the tub up a few days before your due date, and leave it ready to fill.

Occasionally a labor stalls, or lasts longer than the water is safe from bacteria. In the event this occurs, we will come empty the tub and provide a clean liner at no additional charge.

Extended Full Service

$359 plus tax
  • LTN delivers and sets up the tub by appointment, before labor begins.
  • No additional charge if baby is later than expected.
  • Your support person will fill the tub in early labor.
  • All equipment is provided, including appropriate plumbing adapter and suitable length hose.
  • If labor stalls, LTN provides a pump, clean hose, and new disposable liner for you to refill the tub. For clients in north Seattle, we will do the pump-out for you.
  • After the birth, LTN drains, disinfects, packs, and removes the tub

Full Service Rentals: extended delivery

Extended rentals are delivered by appointment up to 3 weeks before your due date. We will set the tub up, make sure the hose and attachments fit, and leave you with instructions for filling the tub when labor starts. After you give birth, you page us to have the same great clean up and removal service that we provide with regular deliveries. At no extra charge, we provide a clean liner, pump, and hose in case you have a false start and need to empty the tub before the birth. There is no need to worry if your baby comes later than expected, the tub is yours until after the birth with no additional charge for “extra” weeks.


$219-259 plus tax and security deposit
  • You pick up the tub by appointment from our storage facility.
  • Rental period is for 30 days, with a charge for any partial week beyond that.
  • All equipment is provided, including one disposable liner, a universal adapter for showers, and a new 25’ hose (drinking water safe). Longer hoses are available for purchase from us.
  • You follow the step-by-step instructions for assembling the AquaDoula tub.
  • Your support person fills the tub when you’re in labor.
  • After the birth, your support person will drain, dry, and pack the equipment, then return it by appointment to our storage facility
  • OR
  • “On Second Thought” clean up service is available, so LTN drains, disinfects, packs and removes the tub.

Self Service Rentals

Sometimes our full-service rentals just aren’t the right answer for a family, so we offer a do-it-yourself option. Our 30-day DIY rental kits offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tub has been disinfected following the same great hospital-approved protocol our full-service rentals offer, along with modest savings from doing the work yourself.

Clients pick up their DIY birth tub kits by appointment at a convenient location in North Seattle, Bellevue, or Tacoma. When you finish with the tub, you return it by appointment to the same location.

We provide easy, step-by-step instructions for setting up the tub. It requires a bit of patience and some coaxing, but no great strength. Filling the tub requires mindfulness of the water temperature at all times that the water is running, so that when it’s full it will be a safe, comfortable temperature for mama and baby. Once it’s full, the heater will maintain the water temperature.

Following your baby’s birth, you unplug the heater and use the disposable net to scoop out any “stuff”* that might clog the drain or pump. Then the quick and quiet utility pump we provide makes it easy to drain the tub into your toilet. Sometimes the water is pretty clear, even after a water birth. Other times… to be honest, you need to have a strong stomach.